Adorai Dynnys (née Laynohr) was a citizen of the Temple Lands and the wife of Archbishop of Charis Erayk Dynnys.

Her marriage to Dynnys was arranged by their families when she was only twelve years old. Once they were married, she gave birth to two sons. However, she and her husband had a somewhat estranged relationship; they lived apart from each other most of the time, and the Archbishop had an affair with Zion brothel owner Ahnzhelyk Phonda – unknown to him, his wife and Phonda knew each other very well.

After the Schism and her husband's arrest for treason, Adorai went undercover and left the Temple Lands with the help of Phonda and others, but not before witnessing the brutal public torture and execution of her husband; in the last moments of his life, he stood up for what he believed in, and that made her feel more proud of him than ever before.

Once she had arrived in Tellesberg with her children, her account of her husband's death was met with outrage and sorrow by the people of Charis, and only strenghtened the Church of Charis further. (OAR, BSRA)

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