Lord Sir Ahlfryd Hyndryk, Baron Seamount, was a Charisian nobleman and an officer of the Royal and Imperial Charisian Navy.

Physical appearance Edit

Hyndryk was of small and pudgy stature, and was missing the first two fingers of his left hand. He also had pattern of dark marks on his left cheek, received from an accidental explosion. (OAR)

Biography Edit

Holding the rank of Captain, he was the Navy's senior gunnery expert. He was part of a meeting on Helen Island during which Merlin Athrawes began to introduce a number of revolutionary new concepts of warfare to the Royal Charisian Navy and Marines. (OAR)

Sometime before the Year of God 896, it was decided not to include him in Merlin's Inner Circle, for fear that it might be too much for him to handle. In April of the same year, he had also been promoted to Admiral's rank, even though he had not commanded a ship in decades, and given command of the Bureau of Ordnance. In this capacity, he had authority over all weapons development programs of the Imperial Navy. (MTAT)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Captain (prior to YOG 890)
  • Admiral (YOG 896)

Posts Edit

  • Senior Gunnery Specialist
  • Commanding Officer, Bureau of Ordnance

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