Sir Ahlvyn Gahrnet, Duke of Harless, was a Desnairian citizen and an officer of the Imperial Desnairian Army .

As the senior Desnairian officer in Siddarmark, he commanded the Army of Justice and later the Army of Shiloh.

Although he lacked experience with the new forms of warfare, Sir Ahlvyn was willing to learn from his mistakes when he recognized them. Unfortunately for his soldiers, he didn't recognize that the poor Desnairian logistics and consequent slow movements of his troops were problems as they met his limited expectations.

Following the unsuccessful attacks on Charisan positions in the second day of the Battle of Kyplyngr Forest, Sir Ahlvyn intended to use Desnairian infantry in a renewed assault, hoping to create a breakthrough for his cavalry. He suffered a fatal heart attack at his headquarters upon learning of a major Charisian attack approaching from the east. (LAMA)