Father Aidryn Waimyn was a priest of the Church of God Awaiting.

He served as the intendant of the Bishop Executor of Manchyr in the Year of God 892. When, during the Siege of Manchyr, he got word that an envoy had been sent to Emperor Cayleb of Charis to discuss terms of surrender, Waimyn had Prince Hektor and his oldest son assassinated to keep them from going over to Charis.[1] (BHD)

After Corisande's surrender to Cayleb, Waimyn went into hiding in the Priory of Saint Zhustyn. He worked with the Corisandian Resistance, but also continued what he considered his duties as a Schuelerite priest and Inquisitor. One of those "duties" was to arrange the death by torture of Father Tymahn Hahskans. Unfortunately for Waimyn, a SNARC remote had been assigned to keep an eye on Hahskans. Merlin Athrawes was unable to reach Manchyr in time to save Hahskans, but could use another remote to send a message to Sir Koryn Gahrvai. Gahrvai's troops raided the Priory and arrested Waimyn. (AMF)

References Edit

  1. He had secretly been ordered to do so in case Hektor tried to surrender by Grand Inquisitor Clyntahn.