Lord Sir Alyk Ahrthyr, Earl of Windshare, was a Corisandian nobleman and an officer of the Corisandian Army.

By the Year of God 893, he served as the commanding officer of Sir Koryn Gahrvai's cavalry division. He was a childhood friend of Gahrvai, who considered him a man of great courage and loyalty, but not exactly the most brilliant person he ever met. He had a tendency to charge against the enemy before making plans or considering the odds of victory and defeat. (BHD)

The Earl was a known gallant, popular with the noble ladies of the Princedom. By the Year of God 895 he had fought at least eight duels with irate brothers, fiancés, fathers, and husbands. He managed to survive all of them without killing anyone or getting himself outlawed in the process. (HFAF)