The Archangel Kau-yung, Father of Destruction and Lord of Treachery, was the most feared of the fallen archangels mentioned in the Book of Chihiro of the Holy Writ.

Acording to scripture, Kau-yung had smitten the Archangel Langhorne and the Archangel Bédard, after Langhorne had been compelled to unleash the Rakurai, the lightning bolt of God, upon Shan-wei and her fallen followers. Kau-yung, til that point the most trusted of all Langhorne's subordinates, the warrior charged with guarding Safehold, had turned to Shan-wei's evil. His treacherous wounding of the archangels' physical forms forced them to leave Safehold with their work unfinished.

He was based on Commodore Pei Kau-yung, who killed off Eric Langhorne, Adorée Bédard, and most of their followers after the death of his wife in the destruction of the Alexandria Enclave. (OAR)

He was later the inspiration or the name of a group of assassins, the Hand of Kau-yung. (LAMA)