Barjwail Suwail, Lord Theralt, was a Raven Lord and the head of Clan Theralt.

He was burly and dark-haired.

He competed for the hand of Zhain Byrns, but she chose Weslai Parkair, Lord Shairncross, instead.

He was known for his opposition to the Kingdom, and later Empire of Charis. At times he styled himself a corsair quite similar to the Lords of Trellheim, and his ships interrupted Charisian trade. In response, Kind Haarahld VII sent a punitive expedition to Teralt and had the town's waterfront burned to the ground. To add insult to injury, the Council of Clan Lords decided not to seek retribution on the advise of Speaker Shairncross, which argued that Lord Theralt had brought this fate upon himself. (MTAT)