Lord Barkah Rahskail, Earl of Swayle, was a Chisholmian nobleman and an officer of the Imperial Charisian Army.

In the Year of God 893, he was still young, only thirty-seven Safeholdian years old. He was also very tall for a Safeholdian, within an inch or so of Merlin Athrawes's own height, and considered good-looking, with fair hair, dark eyes, and a tanned complexion.

Holding the rank of Colonel, he was the senior supply officer and of the Imperial Charisian Army. He was also a Temple Loyalist, and did a better job of hiding it than many of his fellows. Merlin, however, was informed of his true beliefs, but was unsure as to where Lord Swayle's ultimate loyalties lay, considering his family's unusual, long-standing loyalty to the House of Tayt and his oath as an army officer. (AMF)

Eventually, he was revealed to be a member of the Northern Conspiracy in the Princedom of Corisande, and was subsequently executed as a traitor. He was survived by his wife, Rebkah, and his son and heir, Wahlys, who was seventeen at the time. (MTAT)