The Barony of Dairwyn was a Corisandian patent of nobility, making its holder the ruler of a region in the far south east of Corisande Island, right next to the Duchy of Manchyr.
Wind Daughter Island

A Map of Wind Daughter Island.

It was the location of the cities of Dairos and Haryl's Crossing.

History Edit

In the Year of God 893, the Invasion of Corisande began with the landing of Royal Charisian Marine Corps troops, led by Emperor Cayleb himself, on the shores of Dairwyn. The local capital of Dairos was taken peacefully after Sir Farahk, Baron of Dairwyn, had fled to Manchyr.

Some time later, the Battle of Haryl's Crossing marked the most decicive victory of the Charisian Marines of the Corisandian Army, after which the Emperor's troops marched to Manchyr to confront Prince Hektor. (BHD)

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