The Battle of Callie's Island occurred on Callie's Island, Long Island, and South Island. These three islands commanded a strategic position over the city of Eraystor, the capital of the Princedom of Emerald. For this reason they were heavily fortified. When Charisian forces arrived, the three islands surrendered when requested to, owing to the reputation Charisian vessels and equipment had developed after the Battle of Darcos Sound.

Colonel Hauwyrd Jynkyn, along with the approximately three battalions of Marines, including a draft of seamen, were able to take each of the three islands very easily as most of the fortifications had been badly undermanned, with enough gunners to man the artillery against a naval attack, but insufficient infantry to hold out against a serious assault from the landward side. With the destruction of the Emeraldian Navy, there was also no way to prevent Colonel Jynkyn from finding places he could put his troops and artillery ashore without interference from the defenders. (BSRA)