Battle of Darcos Sound

prelude to the Holy War on Charis


March, YOG 892


Darcos Sound


Overwhelming Charisian victory


Royal Charisian Navy

Emeraldian Navy
Corisandian Navy
Royal Chisholmian Navy


King Haarahld VII of Charis
Crown Prince Cayleb

Admiral Black Water
Admiral Mahndyr
Admiral Sharpfield

  • about 70 galleys
  • 28 galleons
  • 183 galleys
  • 1 galleon sunk
  • 19 galleys sunk or damaged beyond repair
  • 49 galleys sunk
  • 117 galleys captured

The Battle of Darcos Sound was a large naval battle between the Royal Charisian Navy and the combined "Northern Force" of the Emeraldian, Corisandian and Chisholmian Navy.

Ending with the almost complete destruction of the Emeraldian-Corisandian fleet, it was the most one-sided naval victory in the history of Safehold at its time. (OAR)


Order of BattleEdit

Royal Charisian Navy Edit

King Haarahld VII's galley force

Crown Prince Cayleb's galleon force

"Northern Force" Edit

The force moved in nine columns. The most western one was made up of twenty Emeraldian galleys; the next two columns were also Emeraldian, with the nearer one headed by Earl Mahndyr's flagship. The fourth column was headed by the last ten Emeraldian galleys, followed by nine Chisholmian ships. The fifth consisted of another twenty Chisholmian galleys, led by Earl Sharpfield. Then came the sixth column, composed entirely of Corisandian ships and led by Duke Black Water in the fleet flagship, and another column of Chisholmians and two more columns of Corisandians. (OAR)

Emeraldian Navy

Corisandian Navy

Royal Chisholmian Navy

Course of BattleEdit


Darcos Sound shook the very foundations of Safeholdian military doctrine, ushering in the age of the galleon as the predominant warship and establishing the Royal Charisian Navy as the most powerful seagoing military force in the world. The Emeraldian and Corisandian navies were effectivly wiped out, losing not only hundreds of ships but also the majority of their trained personnel. (OAR)

As a reward for his heroism in defending his king to the last minute, Midshipman Aplyn was adopted by King Cayleb II and created the Duke of Darcos, the second-highest ranking noble title in the entire Kingdom. (BSRA)