Battle of Hennet Head

Holy War on Charis


November YOG 893


Off Hennet Head


Charisian victory


Imperial Charisian Navy

Imperial Desnairian Navy


Captain Dunkyn Yairley

Commodore Wailahr
Captain Ruhsail Ahbaht
Captain Tohmys Mahntain


HMS Destiny, 54

HMS Archangel Chihiro, 40
HMS Blessed Warrior, 40




The Battle of Hennet Head occured between the Imperial Desnairian Navy and the Imperial Charisian Navy near the end of the Year of God 893.

Prelude Edit

While en route to collect the bullion from Khairman Keep, the Archangel Chihiro, and her consort ship, the Blessed Warrior, spotted the HMS Destiny. While the Destiny was a purpose-built war galleon, both Desnairi vessels were converted merchant vessels. Believing the Charisian vessel to be a privateer, Commodore Wailahr allowed her to close, with the understanding that he outnumbered, and possibly out gunned the HMS Destiny. (AMF)

Order of Battle Edit

Imperial Desnairian NavyEdit

Imperial Charisian NavyEdit

Course of Battle Edit

Although the Desnairi vessels outnumbered the Charisians two to one, and outgunned her 80 guns (forty each) to 54, their armaments were the inferior Lizard and falcon canons.

The Destiny quickly closed with the Archangel Chihiro, and unleashed a deadly broadside. Archangel Chihiro was left with half her crew dead or wounded, including Captain Ahbaht.

When the Destiny came back around for a second broadside, Commodore Wailahr was unable to bring his vessel to action and the Archangel Chihiro suffered another terrible blow, although not as bad as the first one, as the two vessels were further apart. Commodore Wailahr suffered a broken arm.

The Commodore's original plan had called for the Blessed Warrior to double back and engage the Destiny from one side, while the Chihiro engaged from the other; this was, however, a galley tactic that was of limited use in a galleon engagement. By the time the Blessed Warrior had come about, neither vessel was where it should have been, allowing the Destiny to bring about a third broadside on the Archangel Chihiro, leaving it dead in the water, with a broken mast and a completely disorganized crew.

While this occurred, the Blessed Warrior attempted to make more sail, but the Destiny closed with it quickly and brought a powerful broadside against it as well. (AMF)

Aftermath Edit

In the aftermath of the engagement, the Imperial Desnairian Navy decided to send its annual tithe overland, due to a well found fear of Charisian raiders. They also decided to keep their vessels close to home ports, until they had built up a level of confidence, and strength in numbers to defeat the Charisian Navy. (AMF)

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