Battle of Iythria

Iythria Expedition


August, Year of God 895


Triangle Shoal, Outer Roadstead, and Inner Harbor.


Charisian victory


Imperial Charisian Navy

Imperial Desnairian Navy
Imperial Desnairian Army


Admiral Sir Dunkyn Yairley

Baron Jahras
Duke Kholman


Iythria Expedition Force

Triangle Shoal Fortress, several stationary galleons, including HMS Emperor Zhorj, and 25,000 Imperial Army soldiers


Light casualties

Heavy Casualties


The Battle of Iythria, also known as the Iythria Raid, was an important battle during the Iythria Expedition, a series of naval fights, and ground assaults conducted by by the Empire of Charis against the Desnairian Empire.


After raiding the region for some time, Admiral Yairley, gathered his forces for a massive assault on the strategially important city of Iythria. Iythria's importance lay in it's shipbuilding, and trade, and defeating the city directly would help the expedition achive its goals. (HFAF)

Order of Battle Edit

Imperial Charisian Navy

Imperial Desnairian Navy

Imperial Desnairian Army

25,000 troops garrisoned at:

Course of BattleEdit

The opening engagement began with the Triangle Shoal Fortress firing it's weapons at the HMS Volcano and it's sister ships out of range, as they set up. Due to their superior ranged weapons, including the newer shells. they were able to quickly win the fire-fight, and shortly thereafter destroyed the fortresses magazine, thus destroying it completely. Shortly following this, the Sickle Shoal Fortress, was also destroyed by bombardment.

Once the two fortresses were defeated, the Charisian forces attacked the eastern end of Jahras' line. Sinking both the HMS Saint Adulfo, and the HMS Holy Langhorne. The Charisians had poured galleons through the gap, exploited the weakness of the stationary Desnairian vessels. They doubled the line of Desnairian ships, sailing along it and engaging it from both sides, using the exploding shells to great effect, and causing many vessels to surrender without a shot fired. (HFAF)


Desnairian casualties were quite high before they finally surrendered. Nineteen galleons and twelve of their floating batteries had burned, blown up, or simply sunk as the result of battle damage. Baron Jahras had also been severely injured, suffering the loss of an arm.

During a parlee, Admiral Sir Dunkyn Yairley and his flag lieutenant, Ensign Hektor Aplyn-Ahrmahk, demanded the surrender of all of their remaining harbour fortifications, shipyards, sail lofts, ropewalks, cannon foundries, and naval supplies.

Although the Imperial Desnairian Army still held the town, with 20,000 men remaining, under command of the Duke of Kholman. They were, however still quite vunerable to the Charisian bombardment galleons. It was the threat of killing all prisoners aboard the captured vessels that caused the Duke to reconsider. The possibility of parole being impossible, due to the Church refusing to hold the paroled men to their word.

In the end, the Duke withdrew his men from the city, and allowed Charisian Forces to take the city.

After the stores of supplies had been taken, burned or destroyed, did the Duke, along with his family, and Baron Jahras seek to go with the Charisians, for fear of Church reprisials. The Charisians did return the surviving prisoners, without making them give their word, and go on parole. (HFAF)