Battle of Sangyr

Siddarmark Civil War


Year of God 896


Near Sangyr, Cliff Peak Province, Republic of Siddarmark


Church victory


Army of God, Temple Loyalist

Siddarmarkian Army


Bishop Millitant Cahnyr Kaitswyrth

General Charlz Stahntyn






Complete destruction


The Battle of Sangyr was a particularly violent engagement between the Army of God, and its Temple Loyalist auxiliaries, and the loyal remnants of the Siddarmarkian Army. This encounter is especially noted for the lack of quarter given to those who surrendered, and the injured. The Punishment of Schueler was given to all who were captured.


Bishop Militant Kaitswyrth's advance out of Westmarch had crossed the Cliff Peak border, headed towards the city of Aivahnstyn on the Daivyn River. The city had fallen without a fight, because General Charlz Stahntyn, commanding the fifteen-thousand-man garrison, had been wise enough to realize what would have happened to the city if he had tried to defend it. He also realized what would have happened if he had taken his men out to face a hundred and ten thousand in the field, however, and had fallen back south, towards the city of Sangyr. (MTAT)

Order of BattleEdit

Army of God Edit

Siddarmark Army Edit

  • 15,000 men
  • fixed defenses

Course of BattleEdit

Unfortunately General Stahntyn's army had possessed virtually no cavalry, and the bishop militant had used his own mounted troops to get around the weary, ill-nourished Siddarmarkian infantry. The Church's horsemen had caught them within twenty miles of Aivahnstyn and held them in play until Kaitswyrth’s infantry came up. Stahntyn had formed his men for battle even though he'd known it was hopeless, but Kaitswyrth had seen no reason to suffer avoidable casualties. He'd simply brought up his guns and done to the defenders of Aivahnstyn, in what Sir Naythyn Byrgair had done to Colonel Mahldyn's regiments on the Syrk High Road.

Unlike the previous engagement on the road, no one in the Army of God was prepared to give Stahntyn's survivors Pasquale's Grace. Father Sedryk Zavyr, Kaitswyrth's Schuelerite special intendant, was far more concerned with punishing sinners for their offense against God than with attempting to save their souls, and the inquisitors attached to Kaitswyrth’s army took their cue from him. (MTAT)


The lack of compassion on the part of the Army of God infuriated their foes in future battles, with the Imperial Charisian Army refusing to take prisoners in the following engagements. (MTAT)