Battle of Shipworm Shoal

Jihad against Charis


April, Year of God 898


Shipworm Shoal, Gulf of Dohlar


Decisive Charisian Victory


Empire of Charis

Kingdom of Dohlar


Sir Dunkyn Yairley, Baron of Sarmouth Tymythy Darys Sir Bruhstair Ahbaht

Caitahno Raisahndo

Pawal Hahlynd †


37 Galleons:

3 Rottweilers, 2 Bombardment Ships, 2 Zhenyfyr Ahrmahks, 6 68 Gun Galleons

43 Galleons 12 Screw Galleys <10 Brigs


11 Galleons (6 in battle 5 more burned after due to damage)

26 Galleons (Captured) 17 Galleons (Destroyed) 1 Screw Galley (Captured) 11 Screw Galleys (Destroyed)

≤7 Brigs (Destroyed or Captured)


The Battle of Shipworm Shoal was one of the last major sea battles of the war between the Empire of Charis and the forces loyal to the Church of God Awaiting.

It took place in Shipworm Shoal in the Year of God 898, and saw a Charisian victory thanks to ther overwhelming power of its ironclads. The Royal Dohlaran Navy's Western Squadron simply ceased to exist after the battle, as not a single ship heavier than a twenty-gun brig managed to escape. (AST)

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