Battle of Talbor Pass

Invasion of Corisande


March YOG 893


Talbor Pass, League of Corisande


Charisian Victory


League of Corisande

Empire of Charis


Sir Koryn Gahrvai

Emperor Cayleb, General Chermyn, Kynt Clareyk and Mahrys Haimyn.


80,000; with 25,000 more a five day away






The Battle of Talbor Pass occurred during the invasion of Corisande, between the forces of the Empire of Charis and those of the League of Corisande. It was fought in the narrow roads and bottlenecks that made up the Talbor Pass.

Prelude Edit

The Talbor Pass was a valuable bottleneck that Prince Hektor planned to hold with double the strength of Emperor Cayleb's army. He had hoped that with overwhelming numbers he could inflict a a strong enough blow that would buy his nation six months to a year, in which to continue building defences. (BHD)

Order of Battle Edit

Leading the 80,000 man Corisande army with another 25,000 within the next five-day, was Sir Koryn Gahrvai; he also had another 30,000 man reserve with Prince Hektor, a hundred miles away. Facing him with half that strength was Emperor Cayleb with his Marines. His generals included Kynt Clareyk and Mahrys Haimyn, both of whom had fully embraced and understood how to employ Charis' new technological advantages. He also had Merlin Athrawes, who used his SNARCs to provide real-time information on his opponent. (BHD)

Course of Battle Edit

General Chermyn's reconnaissance reports indicated that there were only a few thousand of Hektor's soldiers guarding the Talbor Pass, leaving Charisian forces blind to the 80,000 man army of General Gahrvai. Only four thousand men of Emperor Cayleb's army was yet deployed to the region under Clareyk and Haimyn. The close quarter terrain composed of second-growth forest, wire vine, brambles, and woodlots, reduced the superior effects of the Charisian rifles. (BHD)

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