Battle of Thesmar

Siddarmark Civil War


June, Year of God 896


Thesmar-Cheryk High Road, South March


Charisian victory


Imperial Charisian Army

Royal Dohlaran Army


General Hanth

Colonel Brynygair



Nearly 8,000 dead or wounded
18 twelve-pounder field guns lost


The Battle of Thesmar was an armed engagement between the Imperial Charisian Army and the Royal Dohlaran Army.


After the Siddarmarkian Civil War began (late in the Year of God 895), the Kingdom of Dohlar quickly made plans to invade the southern portion of the Republic of Siddarmark.  Hoping not just to assist the Church of God Awaiting in their invasion, but also to seize large portions of the border areas it shared with the Republic.

Charisian Forces had been deployed to the area to delay and defeat if possible the invasion force until reinforcements could arrive. (MTAT)

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Dohlaran casualties in the Battle of Thesmar were catastrophic. The Charisian forces mercilessly hunted down the enemy, driving the survivors back were they came from. In the end, Dohlar lost almost eight thousand men, more than two-thirds of them dead and wounded, as well as eighteen twelve-pounder field guns. This amounted to twenty percent of Genral Rychtyr's forces, while the blow to the invaders' confidence was even worse.

The Charisian forces proceeded to secure Thesmar; the inhabitants greeted them as heroes.

As a direct result, Baron Traylmyn ordered his forces to fall back towards Trevyr, leaving two artillery batteries, one infantry, and four cavalry regiments to delay the Charisian advance while the rest of his army fortified their new position. (MTAT)

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