Battle of the Markovian Sea

Holy War on Charis


November, Year of God 894


Off the Windmoor Coast, Gulf of Tarot


Charisian victory


Imperial Charisian Navy

Navy of God
Imperial Harchongese Navy


High Admiral Lock Island

Admiral General Harpahr


25 galleons

Navy of God : 89 ships Harchong Navy : 41 ships


11 galleons wrecked,
1 destroyed with all hands
1500+ personnel killed

Navy of God
– 49 galleons taken,
– 14 destroyed
– 17 scuttled
Harchong Navy
– 41 galleons taken


The Battle of the Markovian Sea was a naval battle fought between the Imperial Charisian Navy and a combined force of the Imperial Harchongese Navy and the newly created Navy of God.

Prelude Edit

Following the belated realization that they had successfully deceived the Empire of Charis by using sealed orders sending the Navy of God and Imperial Harchongese Navy east to reinforce Desnair, not west to reinforce Dohlar, the inner circle determined that the union of the fleets should be stopped.

Using merchant galleon painted in Navy colors, the ICN gave the impression of sealing the Desnairi in their ports. At the same time the first shells were loaded onto Admiral Rock Point's squadron, which then joined the rest of the ICN in the region under the command of Lock Island.

Using data from SNARCs, High Admiral Lock Island closed in on the combined Navy of God and Harchongese Navy fleet at night. (HFAF)

Order of Battle Edit

Charis Edit

Church Edit

Course of Battle Edit

Aftermath Edit

Forty-nine of the Navy of God's galleons were captured, fourteen destroyed in action, and another seventeen scuttled after their capture due to severe damage. Only nine managed to escape.

Forty-one Harchongese galleons were captured, as well, the blow to the Church's naval power being devastating. (HFAF)

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