The Blade was a Charisian privateer schooner that operated in the Gulf of Dohlar in the Year of God 892.

History Edit

Blade and her sister ships had come from the Shumair Yard in Charis. They were basically duplicates of Sir Dustyn Olyvyr's design for the Royal Navy, but with a few minor changes to suit them for their private enterprise role. Their naval counterparts carried fourteen thirty-pounder carronades apiece, but Blade's carried only ten carronades plus the long fourteen-pounder forward on one of the new pivot mounts.

During the Lizard Island Naval Action, the Blade was so severally damaged by the galleon Guardian that it had to be scuttled afterwards. The executive officer, Hairym Nethaul, and approximately two-thirds of the crew were injured or killed during that action. (BSRA)

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  1. He was also the half-owner.