• Marcusandreas

    I love this series of novels and everything about them. Except for one thing: language. The use of names and the spellings thereof drive me crazy. And it takes me out of the story every time.

    I accept that language changes and that Weber needed an easy mechanism to show that language had changed significantly from the Creation to the present Year of God. What I can't figure out is what has changed and how it has changed.

    Take for example some names of some characters:  Zhaspar Clyntahn, Paityr Wylsynn, Zhoshua Makgreygair, Zhulyis Pahlman. Do these spellings represent merely the pronunciation of their names? That is, were we to see their names written down would we see Jasper Clinton, Peter Wilson, Joshua McGregor, and Julius Palman? I certa…

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  • Dragonriders729

    Can anyone explain to me why the brotherhood of St. Zherneau, at least the members that are part of the "Innermost" circle of the secret, doesn't just send people up to live, temporarily at least, in Merlin's cave in the mountains of light. They could spend their time looking through the snarc data, trying to catch the little things that owl or he might miss through a lack of time to go through them all. They could rotate people back & forth, & depending on how many could be kept up their at a time, Merlin could greatly increase his knowledge of what's going on, and not miss little things. You know, like Sharleyan's assassination attempt, (both of them!), the whole Siddarmark mess, any number of things could have been prevented if enough p…

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