Bombardment galleons were specially designed galleons employed by the Empire of Charis, which debuted during the Iythria Raid.

Concept Edit

Bombardment galleons were larger than standard galleons, with most rated at twenty-four guns and showing only twelve ports on a side. All their guns were mounted on the spar deck, which put the ports a good twenty feet above her designed waterline. The bulwarks were higher than most galleons', and the ports piercing them were disproportionately tall, as well.

Although bombardment galleon carried few guns, each of the ones they did carry weighed more than twice as much as one of the new model krakens on standard galleons. The gun tubes were short and stubby, and their carriages also of a different design; the each gun had a ten-inch bore and the carriages were designed specifically to permit them to be elevated to higher heights.

The guns took either a hundred-and-fifty-pound solid shot or a hundred-pound shell, and the stresses when one of them fired were quite extreme. The downward thrust engendered by their high elevations had to be absorbed by the ship’s deck, which explained the extraordinarily massive frames and thick deck planking. (HFAF)

History Edit

All of the Charisian ships of the class were built at King's Harbor. (HFAF)

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