Braidee Lahang was an Emeraldian citizen and Prince Nahrman II's chief agent in the Kingdom of Charis.

In Tellesberg, he made a living by raising and training hunting and racing wyverns for the Charisian wealthy, and also used the animals to relay messages to Emerald.

In the Year of God 890, he orchestrated the assassination attempt on Crown Prince Cayleb near Rothar, an operation he himself was opposed to. After realizing that the attempt was a failure[1], he sent a report to Prince Nahrman and prepared to investigate what had happened.

After the Duke of Tirian was exposed as a traitor and killed in fight at his town house, Marhys Wyllyms went to Lahang's lodgings close to the heart of the city and killed him by cutting his throat. (OAR)

References Edit

  1. Merlin Athrawes had come to the Prince's rescue.