The Brethren of Saint Zherneau was a secret Charisian religious order. Unknown to the rest of Safeholdian society, its members kept the written memory of the long-dead Terran Federation alive.

The Brethren kept a low public profile, appearing as a relatively small and poor order in the Archbishopric of Charis. It was created before the Archbishopric of Charis was established, and unlike other religious orders, it had never been sponsored by, or restricted to, the membership of a single order. The Brethren were drawn from virtually every order of Church of God Awaiting.

The creed of the Brethren was in contrast to that of the mainland church, preaching that every individual was responsible for his or her personal relationship with God. It implied a personal search for God, and a need to understand one's relationship with Him for oneself, not simply the regurgitation of official doctrine and catechisms.

Over the centuries, many members of the Charisian church as well as most kings of Charis, were members of the Brethren. (BSRA)

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For centuries the Brethren preserved and guarded a number of documents from the Terran Federation era and the days of Operation Ark. These documents, which were also studied by the members of the Brethren, included:

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