The British Empire

Map of the British Empire

The British Empire, also known as the United Kingdom, was a nation on Earth that existed prior to the founding of the Terran Federation.

History and achievementsEdit

The British Empire was based in England, and spanned almost the entire earth, with colonies and territories on almost every continient, including at one time the United States of America before the American Revolution. It was ruled by a King, who for many centuries held absolute power until the nobles united against the monarchy and forced the signing of the Magna Carta, (Great Charter), ensuring protection against the abuses of the monarchy's absolute power.

Its navy was the most powerful on earth for a time, ruling both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, and ensured safety and security for world trade.

The British Empire was noted for its enlightenment, its scientific achievements, its early abandonment of slavery, and beginning the industrial revolution. Its language, English, developed world-wide, and became the language of trade, tourism, and later the official language of the Terran Federation, and much later the basis of language on Safehold.


It was mentioned by Merlin Athrawes as an example of when to use intel, and when not to use it. The British prime minister, Winston Churchill, knew that the Nazis were going to raid the city of Coventry, but to defeat the raid would mean exposing the source of the intel. In the end the Nazis were allowed to raid Coventry to protect the British sources, and to continue the flow of information. (BHD, HFAF)