Sir Bruhstair Ahbaht was a Emeraldian native and an officer of the Emeraldian Navy and later the Imperial Charisian Navy.

Holding the rank of Captain, her served as commanding officer of the broadside ironclad HMS Thunderer. (LAMA)

He lost his ship in the Year of God 897 when it ran on a shoal during an inland raid and he was forced to blow it up in order to keep it from falling into enemy hands. He later witnessed the Battle of the Kaudzhu Narrows and was among the few to make it back to Claw Island. Once there, he was assured that he still had the full confidence of Baron Sarmouth and remained on active duty.

He was part of the force that rescued the surviving Charisian prisoners from the Kaudzhu Narrows as they were being sent to Zion to face the Punishment of Schueler. (HFQ)