Lord Bynzhamyn Raice, 1st Baron Wave Thunder, was a Charisian citizen and spymaster of King Haarahld VII.

Appearance Edit

Raice was a tall man with a completely bald head and a strong nose. (AMF)

Biography Edit

Wave Thunder was born in the Kingdom of Charis as a commoner, the son of a ship's master. He was educated as a clerk and rose to one of Tellesberg's great business magnates, which eventually earned him a patent of nobility. Some time later, he became King Haarahld VII's spymaster, setting up a network of agents and counteragents.

When Merlin Athrawes first came to the Royal Court, Wave Thunder and First Councillor Rayjhis Yowance‎ interviewed him on his knowledge of foreign spies in Charis. (OAR)

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