Lord Byrtrym Waistyn, Duke of Halbrook Hollow, († YOG 893) was a Chisholmian nobleman and politican, and the supreme commander of the Royal Chisholmian Army.

Biography Edit

As Queen Sharleyan's uncle and treasurer, he was opposed to the alliance with the Kingdom of Charis, but remained loyal to his niece and her decisions. (BSRA)

However, after the fundamental changes caused by the Schism became obvious, he developed more and more doubts concerning the direction the newly founded Empire of Charis headed for. In the end, he became part of a Temple Loyalist conspiracy to ambush and abduct his niece during her visit to the Convent of Saint Agtha. Yet, as Bishop Mylz Halcom never actually planned for Empress Sharleyan to be captured alive, he had Halbrook Hollow killed by Mytrahn Daivys when he showed up at their hiding place near Saint Agtha's. (BHD)

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