The Charisian Irregulars were an armed group of Charisian-born or -descended people living in the Republic of Siddarmark. They were armed and trained at the expense of Aivah Pahrsahn.

Prior to the Siddarmark Civil War, Aivah Pahrsahn had taken it upon herself to ensure there was a well equiped, properly trained force, that could not only protect her intersts, but also be able to strike at the Church of God Awaiting. She recruited from the ranks of the Charisians that lived in the Republic, on a farm near the capital. Using retired Charisian Marines, she was able to train company-sized units.

When they fought in the Constitution Square Massacre, the irregulars' discipline, along with a well placed war cry, was enough to break a mob of five-six thousand enemies.

Although there was no official uniform, they all wore a white sash, and were equiped with quick-firing flintlocks. (HFAF)