The Charisian Merchant Marine had come to dominate trade on the planet of Safehold during the later half of the 9th Century of God. It was also the largest on the entire planet, by a very considerable margin. Aside from keeping the hundred thousand people of Tellesberg fed, it also could deliver Charisian manufactured goods and luxuries that Safehold required at a much lower price than anyone else. (OAR)

Church Trade Embargo on Charis Edit

When the Group of Four closed all ports of the mainland to Charisian shipping, the Merchant Marine turned to clandestine smuggling to the various nations making up the blockade. Several merchant vessels also turned to privateering through letters of mark such as those vessels involved in the Delferahkan reprisals. (BSRA)


In the various harbour port cities the Charisian Merchant Marine visited, they often experienced various forms of resentment. Many resented the wealth and strength of the seemingly omnipresent merchant marine. Local shipowners who resented the Charisians for taking their legitimate cargoes. Local seamen who blamed Charis for their frequent bouts of unemployment. Local artisans who resented the flood of Charisian goods that undercut the prices they could charge. Even local shipbuilders who resented the fact that Charisian built ships were among the best in the world. This resentment was particularily felt during the Ferayd Massacre. (BSRA)

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