During the Charisian Invasion of Corisande, Emperor Cayleb wanted to ensure that Sir Koryn Gahrvai's army was deprived of food supplies, he also wanted to hold those supplies in reserve to feed the large number of prisoners he expected.

Overseeing the process was Colonel Bahrtol Rohzhyr, an officer well known for his honest approach to his trade. He ensured that Corisandian citizens were issued receipts for all goods seized. Traditionally on Safehold, armies would loot and steal, and rarely compensated farmers for what was taken, and when receipts were issued, they were often worthless and difficult to redeem.

Most Corisandian farmers who received these receipts, simply refused to accept them, believing they were worthless, or in cases when they thought they held some value, sold them to Charisian speculators at one-hundredth of their value.

Upon hearing this, the emperor decried the following:

"From this moment on, receipts for confiscated property arc not transferable. They will be honored only when presented by the individual to whom they were initially issued or, in the event of his death his legal heirs."

After this point all foraging parties ensured that there were duplicates with date, time, and place, every day, as well as notated in Colonel Rohzhyr's ledger books. The receipts were non-transferable, and had to be witnessed by two individuals who would have to reappear at the time of redemption.

The seizure receipts were to be paid from the treasury of the League of Corisande once it was captured by Emperor Cayleb's army. (BHD)