The Church of Charis was the independent church into which the Archbishopric of Charis was transformed after the Schism with the Church of God Awaiting.

History Edit

Hierarchy Edit

The spiritual head of the Church of Charis was the Archbishop of Charis, Maikel Staynair being the first to occupy the role. (BSRA)

Differences in doctrine Edit

Relationship with Archangels Edit

Whereas the main Church advocates the relationship between mankind and the Archangels, the Church of Charis preaches instead a more direct and personal relationship with God Himself. (HFAF)

Office of Inquisition Edit

The Church of Charis did not condone or use torture, assassination, or any of the more common tools of fear used by the Temple. The Office of Inquisition in the Empire of Charis did not root out heresy, but rather focused upon ensuring compliance of new technologies with the Holy Writ. (HFAF)

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