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Detailed map of Chynduk Valley and surrounding region.

The Chynduk Valley was a mountain valley in the Chiang-wu Mountains of North Harchong.


Located in the former Imperial Harchong province of Tiegelkamp, the Valley was an area of safety and stability when Central Harchong and Tiegelkamp Province in particular descended into anarchy and warlordism after the serf rebellion in the Year of God 903.

The Valley stretched for more than four hundred and fifty miles along the Chynduk River from Ky-su in the north to Zhyndow in the south.

There were at least six large towns inside the Valley and dozens of smaller farming villages and hamlets in the mountains' steep-sided coves. (TFT)


In the Year of God 913, the control of the valley was seen as an objective of the United Provinces.

In September of the Year of God 914, the Valley formally joined the United Provinces. (TFT)