Lord Chyntai Shaiow, Duke of Sun Rising, (born YOG 819) was a Harchongese nobleman and an officer of the Imperial Harchongese Navy.

Biography Edit

A cousin of Emperor Waisu VI, he officially served in the IHN since two years before his actual birth. That, coupled with the appropriate bribes, had gotten him commissioned as a Captain of Winds when he turned sixteen. However, he never actually set foot on a warship until he was twenty-one[1] In the Year of God 894, he was the senior officer of the Navy, holding the rank of Admiral of the Broad Oceans, and was appointed as the commander of the Harchongese contingent within the Church force sent against Charis. At that time, his health was poor, and he tended to go off on long rambling discourses at officer conferences. (AMF)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Captain of Winds (YOG 835)
  • Admiral of the Broad Oceans

Posts Edit

  • Fleet Commander

References Edit

  1. That sort of subterfuge was standard in Harchong, partly because it was the only way for an officer to attain flag rank while he was still relatively young and vigorous.