The Circle was a secret organization of reformist vicars, bishops, and archbishops of the Church of God Awaiting.

Founded and led by Vicar Samyl Wylsynn and his younger brother Hauwerd, the Circle was formed in order to create a power base for those who opposed the violent and selfserving behaviour of the Group of Four. One of the most important members of the Circle was Ahnzhelyk Phonda, the illegitimate daughter of a Grand Vicar and owner of one of Zion's most discreet and popular brothels. (BHD)

In the Year of God 894, the Circle was betrayed to Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn by one of its own members[1], and eventually purged. The Grand Inquisitor had almost a tenth of the vicarate executed along with dozens of bishops and archbishops as well as their families and staff. However, Ahnzhelyk Phonda had created a secret network independent from the rest of the Circle, and was able to flee prior to her arrest.  She also aided others in their escape to the Empire of Charis, such as the families of several Circle members, including the Wylsynn family. (AMF)

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  1. One of the archbishops