Sir Clyftyn Rahdgyrz was a Dohlaran citizen and a general of the Royal Dohlaran Army. He was nicknamed "The Slash Lizard" by the men under his command, in reference to his determination and aggressive drive.

Rahdgyrz was a devout man, who volunteered for the initial naval attack on Charis because he believed claims of Charisian heresy. He lost the lower half of his lower right leg to battle injuries sustained at the battle of Crag Reach. After adjusting to his peg leg, he demanded to return to active service. During the fighting at Alyksberg, he lost his left arm above the elbow. His recovery from this injury meant he missed the Battle of Kyplyngyr Forest; he rejoined the forces besieging Thesmar shortly after General Ahlverez and the Duke of Harless marched off. He fought again when the Earl of Hanth broke the siege of Thesmar, losing the use of his right eye in that battle.

In April 898, Rahdgyrz was second in command (under General Fahster Rychtyr) of the Army of the Seridahn. His concerns over Rychtyr's fighting retreat led him to send a letter to Bishop Executor Wylsynn Lainyr, not realizing that by doing so he was effectively turning his friend over to the Inquisition.

In June 898, Rahdgyrz was attempting to rally his troops when he was shot through the chest. He was captured by the Army of Thesmar, and died later that evening in the mobile hospital attached to Hanth's advanced headquarters. (AST)