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The Bullion Mines - Nevada

The Comstock Lode was a lode of silver ore located in Nevada in the United States, of old earth. It was the first major discovery of silver ore in the that country.

Prince Nahrmahn Baytz once compared the hidden ore deposits of Silverlode Island to that of the Comstock Lode of old earth.


After the discovery in Nevada was made public in 1859 AD, it sparked a silver rush of prospectors to the area, scrambling to stake their claims. The discovery caused considerable excitement in California and throughout the United States, the greatest since the discovery of gold in California eleven terran years earlier. Mining camps soon thrived in the vicinity, which became bustling centers of fabulous wealth, including Virginia City and Gold Hill.

The Comstock Lode is notable not just for the immense fortunes it generated and the large role those fortunes had in the growth of Nevada and San Francisco, but also for the advances in mining technology that it spurred, such as square set timbering and the Washoe process for extracting silver from ore. The mines declined after 1874 AD, though underground mining continued into the 1920s AD, with sporadic efforts thereafter.

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