Merlin approaching St. Agtha's

The Convent of Saint Agtha was a monastery of the Church of God Awaiting that was named after Saint Agtha, a Chisholmian nun who was canonized after a lifetime of charitable work in the Kingdom of Charis.

It was located in the Styvyn Mountains, above the Earldom of Crest Hollow's Trekair Bay on the narrow isthmus dividing Howell Bay from the Cauldron in the west of Charis Island. Saint Chihiro's Church, a village church, was located nearby.

In the Year of God 893, Empress Sharleyan visited the convent and was ambushed by a Temple Loyalist force. Most of her guardsmen were killed, but Merlin Athrawes arrived in time to save her and kill the remaining attackers. (BHD)