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Map of Corisande

Corisande Island was a larger island on the planet Safehold.

The people of Wind Daughter Island referred to it as "the Big Island". (AMF)


Corisande was one of the larger islands located in Carter's Ocean, its northern most tip cut across the equator and ran along the southern Chisholm Sea. It stretched almost nineteen hundred miles across from Wind Hook Head in the west to the shores of the Earldom of Coris in the east and almost eight hundred miles across from Cape Targan in the north to the shores of the Barony of Coastwatch in the south.

The Marthak Mountains lay south of Cape Targan between the Earldoms of Craggy Hill and Storm Keep. While the Barcor Mountains ran through the middle of the island, crossing the Earldoms of Anvil Rock, Deep Hollow, Dark Hill, and Noryst, as well as the Baronies of Barcor, Larchros, and Granite Hill. The Dark Hills Mountains were a relatively thin mountain range which crossed the Earldoms of Juras and Mahrak and ended at the shores of the Duchy of Manchyr.

Located near the western end of the island was a lone, noteworthy lake which covers a large portion of the Duchy of Barcair, and barely crosses the borders of the neighboring Baronies of Tairys, Kerso and Rokali. (BHD)


Until the invasion by the Empire of Charis in August of the Year of God 893, Corisande Island was the seat of power for the League of Corisande. (OAR, BHD)