The Corisandian Army was the armed land force of the League of Corisande. (BHD)

After the Charisian invasion in the Year of God 893, 30,000 troops were allowed to remain as "Corisandian Guardsmen". They were all equipped with smooth-bore muskets, although they had no artillery. (AMF)

By YOG 896 it was referred to as the new model Corisandian Army, and it was responsible for maintaining domestic order.  It was led by Sir Koryn Gahrvai, under, the supervision of General Sir Zhoel Zhanstyn, who’d replaced Haiwyl Chermyn as the Charisian viceroy in Corisande when Chermyn assumed the title of Grand Duke of Zebediah. Sir Charlz Doyal, was the chief of staff. (MTAT)