The Corisandian Resistance was a resistance movement against the Charisian occupation of the Princedom of Corisande.

The two main groups represented in it were the Northern Conspiracy, made up mostly of nobles, hoping to set up a new Corisande with them in charge, and those in and around the capital of Manchyr. Those around the capital were largely a mix of Temple Loyalists and those who had lost employment by the invasion and occupation of Corisande. The second group was organized into small cells, each with different objectives, such as planning and executing riots and demonstrations, murdering alleged collaborators, and printing flyers. Each cell often knew little of other cells in order to maintain security.

After the torture and death of Father Tymahn Hahskans, Sir Koryn Gahrvai intiated a massive crackdown of all resistance in and around Manchyr. Due to a lack of evidence, he bidded his time to move against the Northern Conspiracy. When he did have solid proof of smuggling advanced arms into the Princedom to support an insurrection, he was able to shut it down quickly and effectively with the Serabor Raid. (AMF)