Daivyn Dahnyld Mharak Zoshya Daykyn was the youngest child of Prince Hektor and the accepted Prince of Corisande after his father's death.

Family Edit

Daivyn was the third and youngest child of Hektor and Raichynda Daykyn; his older siblings were Irys and Hektor the Younger. (BHD). He was born in August 885. (LAMA)

In the Year of God 896, Hektor Aplyn-Ahrmahk, Duke of Darcos, became his brother-in-law, making him a relative by marriage of the House of Ahrmahk. Irys soon became pregnant with Daivyn's first nephew or niece. (LAMA)

Biography Edit

He and his older sister were sent to the Kingdom of Delferahk under the guardianship of the Earl of Coris just prior to the beginning of the Siege of Manchyr. After his father's and older brother's assassination, Daivyn was recognized as the new Prince of Corisande by both the Empire of Charis and the nations loyal to the Church of God Awaiting. The Earl of Coris served as his de-facto Regent. (BHD, AMF)

However, over the next years, Daivin's sister and Earl Coris began to doubt the Temple's version of events, doubts that were eventually confirmed by a double agent assigned by Irys' father decades earlier. When they learned that Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn had plans to kill the exiled Daykyns as well, they made contact with Seijin Merlin, who got Daikyn, his sister, and Earl Coris safely out of Delferahk and put them on a ship back to Corisande, where Daivyn was to take his place as the rightful prince, and a Charisian vassal. (HFAF)

The group travelled to Charis aboard HMS Destiny. (MTAT)

Once in Corisande, Daivyn was greeted enthusiastically by his people, and was finally crowned Prince of Corisande on the 22 of October of the Year of God 896. Soon after, Empress Sharleyan arrived and Daivyn swore fealty to her and Emperor Cayleb in Manchyr Cathedral. (LAMA)

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