Desnarian Empire

Map of the Empire

The Desnairian Empire was a Safeholdian realm located on the eastern side of the continent of Howard. Its capital city was also named Desnair. Other major cities included Mahrosa, Iythria, Khairman Keep, Khreos, and Geyra.

The empire's flag was a black horse on a yellow field. (AMF)


The Desnairian Empire was approximately 4,000 miles from north to south, and possessed over 9,000 miles of shore-line. (HFAF)

History Edit

Over the last hundred and fity years, the southward expansion of the Republic of Sidarmark has been a growing concern of the Church of God Awaiting. It eventually resulted in the Treaty of Silk Town in 869. Although the Grand Duchy of Silkiah was nominally independent, they did pay yearly tribute to Desnair.

Densely populated, the Empire was a part of the Church's alliance against the Empire of Charis. Some of the galleons it was ordered to make were made in the Gulf of Jahras. Its ruler in the 890s of God was Emperor Mahrys IV, while the leading Church representatives were Archbishop Ahdym Taibyr and Bishop Executor Mhartyn Raislair. (AMF)

Politics and economy Edit

In the Desnairian Empire, slavery was openingly practised. Because of this, it was possible for them to make a profit on the cultivation of steel thistle.

Many of the higher offices were hereditary. (OAR)

Desnair's gold mines were well known, and supplied nations such as Charis with the gold used in its currency. The Empire also had an abundance of bankers and banking houses. Exports included carpets and whiskey. (BSRA, BHD)

The northern coast of the Empire, especially in the Gulf of Jahras region was an economically vital region, which included shipbuilding and trade. During the Iythria Expedition, it came under threat from the Imperial Charisian Navy. (HFAF)

Military Edit

The Imperial Desnairian Navy was traditionally very small, with no more then forty vessels at its largest, as most of the Empire's battles had been fought on land with its main rival, Siddarmark. (AMF)

The Desnairi Calvary were a well-known and powerful force. (OAR)

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