Dialydd Mab was a secondary identity Nimue Alban's PICA assumed to deal with matters outside the Empire of Charis, under the guise of a seijin.

He was created in the Year of God 896, when he boarded a barge on the Holy Langhorne Canal to assassinate the Schuelerite priests Hahskyll Seegairs and Vyktyr Tahrlsahn in retaliation for the massacre of Sarkyn.[1] (LAMA)

Over time, Mab became known as a hunter and assassin of the Inquisition's agents. (AMF)

At the end of the Jihad, when the people Zion rebelled, Mab was one of the two seijins who captured Grand Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn when he tried to escape from the city. (AST)

References Edit

  1. Dialydd mab is welsh for "avenging son".