The Duchy of Black Water was a Corisandian patent of nobility.[1]

It made its holder the ruler of an area in the west of Corisande Island, neighbored by the Barony of Rokali in the west, the Duchy of Barcair in the north, the Earldom of Shreve in the east, and the Barony of Hardshoal in the south. (map)

Until his death in the Battle of Darcos Sound in the Year of God 892, the title was held by Admiral Lord Ernyst Lynkyn, the commanding officer of the Corisandian Navy. (OAR)

The title passed on to his son, Sir Adulfo, who himself was executed for treason less than three years later. (AMF, HFAF)

References Edit

  1. Black Water was sometimes misidentified as an earldom.