The Duchy of Fallos was the nation encompassing the island of Fallos.
Duchy of Fallos

Its total population was less than that of the Charisian city of Tellesberg. By and large, no one paid much attention to it, but the duchy did have one extraordinarily valuable natural resource: trees, which produced some of the finest shipbuilding timbers in the world. Most Fallosians, except for the farmers or fishermen, were woodsmen, and they showed a respectable profit selling timber to various mainland realms.

By the 890s of God, the Empire of Charis was not among Fallos' traditional markets, given that the forests which still covered much of Charis and almost all of Silverlode had even more timber to offer, and far closer to home. But far more of the mainland was logged off, and second-growth forest could not match the quality needed for masts and spars which came out of Fallos' forests. Turpentine was another major Fallosian product, as was pitch.

After the Battle of Darcos Sound, the Duchy of Fallos was in constant fear of a Charisian invasion. Privateers raided the Fallos Channel, its main trade route. (BHD)