Sir Dunkyn Yairley, Baron Sarmouth, was a Charisian nobleman and an officer of the Royal Charisian Navy.

Biography Edit

Yairley was born in the Kingdom of Charis and had one older brother, Allayn. Both joined the Royal Navy and persued an officer's career. However, Dunkyn chose to serve on a merchant galleon for two and a half years, as he considered the service to look good in his record. After that, he returned to the Navy and rose to the rank of Captain.

In March of the Year of God 892, he was in command of the galley HMS Queen Zhessyka and fought in the Battle of Darcos Sound. As a reward for his conduct in the battle, he was given command of HMS Destiny, a 54-gun galleon and one of the most powerful warships in the world at that time. (BSRA)

He was related to three barons and an earl, and instructed Ensign Hektor Aplyn-Ahrmahk, Duke of Darcos, in the etiquette expected from his new, exalted rank. (AMF)

In November of the Year of God 893, he was involved in the Hennet Head Naval Egagement, where his vessel the HMS Destiny disabled both the HMS Archangel Chihiro, and the HMS Blessed Warrior. (AMF)

In July of the Year of God 895, after his return to Helen Island, he was promoted to Rear Admiral. (HFAF)

While at a dinner in the Empress' presence on Corisande in April of the Year of God 897, he was told the truth about human history by Nimue Chwaeriau, and subsequently included in Merlin's Inner Circle. (HFQ)

He was later created Baron Sarmouth for his service to the Empire. (LAMA)

Service Record Edit

Promotions Edit

  • Captain (in or before YOG 892)
  • Rear Admiral (July, YOG 895)

Posts Edit

  • Commanding Officer, HMS Queen Zhessyka
  • Commanding Officer, HMS Destiny, 54

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