Edwyrd Seahamper was a Chisholmian citizen and an officer of the Chisholmian Royal Guard and later the Charisian Imperial Guard.

He became Queen Sharleyan's personal guardsman when she was ten years old, being at her side through most of her adult life. When she decided to travel to Tellesberg and marry Cayleb II, he accompanied her and remained as her guardsman. (BSRA)

He was a natural shot with a pistol, and practised with Sharleyan on a regular basis.

Seahamper accompanied the Empress on a private visit to the Convent of Saint Agtha in the Earldom of Crest Hollow. However, shortly after their arrival Saint Agtha's was attacked by a group of Temple Loyalists led by Mylz Halcom, who tried to kill the Empress. Her guards retreated into the building, defending her with their lives, until only Sharleyan and a wounded Seahamper were left. At this point, Merlin Athrawes arrived on the scene, and slaughtered the attackers to the last man.

Like his mistress, Seamhamper was shocked to see the seijin, whom he knew to be with Emperor Cayleb in the League of Corisande, thousands of miles away. He then learned the truth about Nimue Alban, and became a member of the small circle of Safeholdians who knew about humanity's true history. (BHD)