The Emerald Raid was a quick night-time attack upon North Bay, located in the north-east of the Princedom of Emerald. It was meant to compel the leaders of Emerald into a fast surrender to Charis.(BSRA)


Sir Dunkyn Yairley, with his strike force departed from the Kingdom of Charis, with the intention of a swift night-time attack, hoping to catch the Emerald forces off guard.

Order of BattleEdit

Kingdom of Charis

Course of BattleEdit

Led by Sir Dunkyn Yairley, with 300 Marine's and 400 Seamen, was to attack the Town of North Bay, after moon set, around the time of Langhorne's Watch, when most people would be sleeping. Defending the town was Major Bahrkly Harmy, who was in a state of inebriation, his company of soldiers, although awake and mending uniforms, were caught off guard and quickly overwhelmed along with the harbour batteries.