Erayk Dynnys was a cleric of the Church of God Awaiting and the Archbishop of Charis until the Kingdom's secession from the Temple in the Year of God 892.

A member of the Order of Langhorne, he was married to Adorai Dynnys, née Laynohr, with whom he had two sons, Tymythy and Styvyn. He and his wife were estranged for most of their arranged marriage, and Dynnys had a long-time affair with Ahnzhelyk Phonda.

Dynnys was characteristic of the corrupt senior episcopate of the Temple. He used his position to amass significant personal wealth and prestige, and viewed his responsibilities and power primarily as a means to that end. He took a bribe from Prince Hektor of Corsiande to influence the matter of the succession of the Earldom of Hanth in Corisande's favor against the interests and will of King Haarahld of Charis and the Kingdom he supposedly represented as Archbishop, viewing this as an acceptable part of Temple politics.

He made an annual monthlong pastoral visit to Charis, a journey that required roughly two months overall travel time. Shortly before he was scheduled to make his visit in Year of God 890, Merlin Athrawes arranged for Dynnys to be severely injured as he left Phonda's brothel, to prevent Dynnys from affecting Merlin's plans to "bootstrap" a series of innovations in Charis. Dynnys eventually recovered and made the visit the following spring, but despite significant pressure from the Temple, was politically unable to interfere.

Aftter the massive defeat suffered by Temple-aligned forces in the Year of God 891, Dynnys was made into a scapegoat by the Group of Four. He was imprisoned and later sentenced to death for allowing "heresy" to flourish in his archbishopric. His fall from grace triggered a religious epiphany. He was offered a quick and painless death if he agreed to affirm the Temple's accusations, but at his execution, before a large crowd that included his wife, he bravely denounced the corruption of the Temple. High Inquisitor Zhaspahr Clyntahn then had him tortured to death as mandated for heretics by the Book of Schueler.

Phonda later was able to smuggle his family into Charis, along with correspondence that he had written, while imprisoned, to his wife and to Bishop Executor Zherald Ahdymsyn. This correspondence influenced Ahdymsyn and Intendant Paityr Wylsynn to support the Church of Charis in its schism with the Temple. (OAR, BSRA)