The Eraystor Bay Incident occured in Eraystor Bay, near Callie's Island, in May YOG 892: one of the first Church vessels to be engaged by Charisian forces was forced to strike its colours.

Early on the May morning the Church of God Awaiting, had it's first non-piracy related naval encounter. After the Battle of Darcos Sound, Charisian warships were ordered to intercept all Church vessels. The Church messenger ship was carrying important dispatches from Bishop Executor Thomys to Bishop Executor Wyllys in Eraystor "at all costs". The vessel with a crew of sixty and 21 metres (70 feet) long, relied more on the Church's reputation, and its speed, than its armament for protection. The vessel's captain, Father Rahss Sawal, was told not to expect enemy action within the Eraystor Bay area.

Intercepting them was the Royal Charisian Navy schooner HMS Wave, captained by Commander Paitryk Hywyt. After a warning shot by Master Charlz, the Church messenger struck its colours, under strong disagreement from the vessel's second in command, Brother Tymythy. Although ordered to proceed "at all costs", Father Sawal felt that sparing the lives of his crew was more important. (BSRA)